How to Get #Limitless DECA Glass This Year

Just imagine being in the shoes of an Olympic athlete as they stand to receive their gold medal, or an actress reaching out to hold her first Academy Award.

A countless number of people watch and cheer in support of their outstanding accomplishment. This moment is probably what you imagine when you take the stage to win an award for DECA, especially at DECA’s International Career Development Conference.

Use these tips below to help you earn the coveted DECA glass:

Pick the right competitive event.

It’s crucial that you pick the right event that you feel most comfortable in. What are your strengths and weaknesses? It’s extremely helpful to look at past case studies and events for DECA’s various categories so you can see exactly what you should expect. This DECA Competitive Events poster is a great resource that will help you determine which events can highlight your strengths and connect with your interests.

Preparation is key.

It is never too early to start gearing up to compete. Take some time to brainstorm and start preparing your written events, and study for your exams. Make it a part of your weekly routine. A great way to prepare for role-play events is to do mock competitions and have your judge offer feedback. Hungry for more ways to get ahead of the game? Be sure to shop at DECA Images where you can purchase other resources for that competitive edge.

Stay up-to-date with DECA’s Competitive Events program.

With DECA’s competitive events often adapting to meet industry standards, make sure to check the most recent updates here.

Try new things.

Never be afraid of the unknown! DECA is very proud to be introducing two new events for this year: Entrepreneurship Individual Series Event (ENT) and the Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making Event (ETDM). Browse the information about the new events here. Maybe these two new additions will be your ticket to receiving that DECA glass!


If you competed before, take a look back at your transcript! Ask yourself, how can I improve from last year? Transcripts are a helpful way to map out how you can continue to grow and succeed when you compete.

Find a friend.

Competition can be daunting, especially if you are first year member! Find a friend or two and work together to complement each other’s competitive style in a team competitive event.

Everyone prepares, executes, and reflects on their competitive events in a different way, but don’t let that take away from having fun while preparing yourself for a bright future. Utilize these tips to get the most out of competing in DECA.

I hope to see you on stage receiving your DECA glass on stage in Atlanta!

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