Why Your Chapters & Association Needs a Hashtag

Fact: Everyone wants their association and chapter to stand out.

Problem: People are unsure how to do that.


Creating a hashtag for your chapter and/or association is a great way help you stand out in your follower’s newsfeeds.

It gives a foundation for what you stand for, shows how many people also use that hashtag, and promotes your page.

Having a chapter or association-specific hashtag a very efficient way to collect information and to learn about your followers. Take the hashtags below for example. If you can guess what members, regions, associations, or chapters used them, then you know that they were successful!

  • #GrowMODECA
  • #MayMondays
  • #WeAreSR
  • #AEastDECA

If you guessed Missouri, Pennsylvania, Jaron May and Southern Region, then you can see why your chapter/ association needs a hashtag!

Having a unique hashtag is also a great way to gather user-generate content from your members. You can then use these photos to give shout outs to active members, or recognize chapters that have been doing an awesome job this year.

Without a hashtag, you would have to individually follow and check all these incredible members and chapters – way too much work! With a hashtag, Instagram and Twitter do all the work for you and give you a refined list to check and follow daily.

Join the movement. Create a hashtag.

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