4 Foolproof Ways To Recruit Members This Fall

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August is here and you know what that means? Pencils are being sharpened, book bags are being filled and young students are looking for new organizations to join – it’s time to start recruiting the newest wave of DECA members!

As bright as DECA’s future is, it relies heavily on you and your recruitment skills. DECA can only continue to grow and become even better if we bring in new members.

Don’t know how to recruit new members? Don’t worry! I am here to share with you some foolproof ways on how you will be able to grow our membership this fall!

1. Information Booth

Is freshman orientation or career day coming up in your school? That is a perfect time to advertise DECA and get interested students’ contact information, but don’t rely on some boring table with a banner and some pamphlets. It has to be exciting and interactive! Think back to when you were a freshman or sophomore – were you intrigued with the boring, bland tables or the tables that had trophies and candy and lots of color? I know I always chose the latter.

2. Chapter Visit

One of the most beneficial and personal touches you can have while recruiting new chapters and members is a chapter visit. Whether you are a local chapter officer or an association officer, going to that new school and talking with them and showing them what DECA is all about goes a very long way. It can be very difficult and confusing to explain everything that DECA is in an email, so go see the new members face-to-face and show them that DECA is a welcome organization and one that they should join.

3. Talk, Talk, Talk

I know I said that chapter visits are one of the most beneficial recruitment tactics, but actually I would have to say that talking is the number one best tool for growing our membership. Just talking to prospective members and telling them about what DECA is, all of the opportunities they will have if they join, and sharing your own personal DECA story will do wonders for your recruitment efforts. Most people love to hear personal stories about how DECA changes lives, so work on your DECA story and share it with the world! This tip can and should also be used throughout the other recruitment methods.

4. Leniency

Okay, okay, okay I can’t make up my mind because I have one more piece of recruitment advice that I would put at the top of my list – leniency. Not every person and school is the same, so you cannot treat them as such. You need to learn what works best for them and tailor their experience to them. So if a chapter can first join as just an after-school organization, allow them to and provide them with the resources they need to grow. If a student can only come to every other meeting, give them the materials they missed and update them on any new information.

Now if you do those four things this fall, DECA will have another record breaking year, and it will be all thanks to you.

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