3 Ways to Demonstrate Excellent Community Awareness

Nick Matthews | Michigan DECA

DECA members always represent the organization well in everyday life and uphold the professional manner we are about.

Something DECA can never stop improving on, however, is our efforts to give back to our community.

Our charitable contributions to the Muscle Dystrophy Association (MDA) are recognized each year, and our community service activities at the local level build upon the great DECA image.

So, here lies the real question: How can DECA members have an incredible year beyond competition?

1. Fundraising Efforts

Every year, chapters are given the opportunity for recognition at the International Career Development Conference due to their MDA fundraising efforts. One of the first steps is knowing that it is never too early to start fundraising efforts. DECA chapters have always developed fundraising activities in a creative matter, which also extends to the implementation of these activities. These activities tend to be enjoyable and rewarding experiences for all who participate. These events have a solid, competitive edge and allow students to support charities from a young age.

2. Giving Back to the Community

Though fundraising is certainly a prominent feature of DECA’s community service ventures, many opportunities to give back require no money at all. In fact, oftentimes the best thing to contribute is time and effort. Many organizations exist which need people to help with their projects. Whether it be working in a soup kitchen or helping to clean up an abandoned neighborhood, the opportunities to give back to the community are Limitless.

I challenge the members of DECA to involve students from their chapters, find an organization in need of assistance, and take part in a life-changing experience with close friends. Not only is it fulfilling to partake in these activities, but they are the perfect experiences to write about in essays when it comes time to send in college applications or seek out scholarships. Adding community service to one’s resume can only help.

3. Compete for the Community

If, like so many others, you live to compete, another great way to get involved in community service is through competition with the Community Service Project. The Community Service Project is a chapter project that provides an opportunity for chapter members to develop a better understanding of the role civic activities have in society, to make a contribution to a community service or charity, and to learn and apply the principles of marketing and project management skills.

This upcoming year, look to take your DECA experience outside mere competition and get involved with your local community. Demonstrate your understanding of the role community service plays and encourage others to join you in your experiences.

Membership involvement within DECA is not limited to solely competition. DECA is all about having fun, applying knowledge, and networking with other current and emerging leaders and entrepreneurs throughout the world. Work to improve our society to the best it can be and make this year #Limitless.

This article was written by Michigan DECA Vice President of Community Service, Nick Matthews. You can follow Nick on Twitter @NickMDECA.