A DECA Member’s Reaction to August Starting as Explained by GIFs

Photo courtesy of @decamelissa on Instagram.

Goodbye July and hello August!

While it still feels like #DECAICDC 2017 just ended…apparently it’s now August and the #SummerofDECA is soon ending.

How do DECA members across the country feel about this?

Let’s see for ourselves:

When you first realize it’s August, you initially FREAK OUT.

Didn’t summer break start like yesterday? What about your #SummerofDECA bucket list? You’ve barely made a dent in it!

Then you realize that August means it’s almost time to go back to school, and even more importantly, back to DECA!

Looks like it’s time to break out your blazer, fire up your Twitter and start ironing your khakis.

However, as much as you loooooooove DECA…you’re still not 100% ready to say goodbye to summer.

Homework? Tests? Waking up before the sun rises? No thanks.

Although…now that it’s August…that means #DECAICDC 2018 is only nine months away!

*Starts Googling everything about Atlanta, researching the distance from hotels to the convention center and making a #DECAICDC travel playlist*

After some more thought, you’ve decided to welcome August with open arms and embrace the wonderful fact that while #SummerofDECA is coming to an end, a #Limitless new DECA year is about to begin!

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