5 Tips for Starting Your DECA Social Media Pages

The DECA world is crazy about social media.

The easiest way to network and connect with people from across the country is to follow, add or friend them on social media, so here are a couple tips on how to start your very own DECA social media page.

1. Unique Usernames

A lot of people use DECA_[inset name] to start their DECA based account. However, with all of these accounts, it is hard to stand out. Try using a different handle to mix things up. You want your handle to be noticeable, but still represents the brand well.

2. Fashionable Followers

To get a good base, it’s important to follow all of the important DECA pages (@DECAInc being one of them). Be sure to follow, add, or your association officers and association pages to get all of the updates and great DECA related content. People will see you follow all of these cool kids and will know that you’re one too.

3. Consistent Content

Once you have a great following, you have to keep them! The best way to do this is by staying consistent with your posting. You don’t want your followers to know where you are or what you’re doing every hour of the day, but you want to keep them up to date enough that they feel like they could know something about you if you hadn’t met for the first time in person. As a general rule, you should be able to have three talking points when you look at someone’s social media for conversations. Although, if you can tell what day of what year they went on a ski trip and what they had for lunch while they were there, then that might be too much posting.

4. Savory Sharing

On platforms that you have the ability to, sharing is ideal for making friends and getting your DECA image started. You can engage with other members and officers by retweeting their content. This way, your page has some variety, and you might gain some new followers!

5. Desired DECA

Posting about DECA is DECAtastic of course; however, followers also want to know about you. Keep your pages updated with fresh content that revolves around the DECA world with memes and updates on conferences, but also include things that are about you.

For more information on social media pages, visit DECA.org for great social media resources, including the DECA Social Media Guide.

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