3 Ways to Make DECA Work for YOU!

Nick Chirgwin | Michigan DECA

As a high school kid, I know that I am always looking for ways to get some extra money to help with things like saving up for college, or even just to go out to dinner with my friends.

I know that I am not the only one with this issue, and have heard countless others say how they have a total of $7 to their name, and how they can’t seem to find any ways to make some money.

Did you know that DECA actually offers a plethora of ways to earn a little bit of extra cash by simply staying involved? And, considering all you have to do is stay active in something you already love, there is no reason not to take advantage of these programs!

Here are the easiest ways to make money by staying engaged in DECA:

1. Competition

Although most think that the only things you can get for excelling in competition are trophies and medals, you can actually get monetary awards for placing high enough in sponsored events. For example, last year the Automotive Services Marketing Series event awarded any national finalists monetary prizes. Opportunities like this give you the extra incentive to study harder, and give competing 110%!

2. Scholarships

Several different colleges across the country offer unique scholarship opportunities for students who participate in DECA. These colleges see the benefit of DECA and the impact that it will have at their university, and often give scholarships for your involvement in DECA.

For example, Northwood University will give any active DECA member with above a 2.5 GPA a scholarship of $4,000! However, Northwood isn’t the only college that offers DECA scholarships. To see if your selected college offers DECA scholarships, contact your local admissions officer or go to deca.org.

3. Jobs/Internships

It is no secret that the knowledge you learn from participating in DECA is extremely valuable. Members of DECA’s National Advisory Board (NAB) are companies that support DECA’s mission, and are well aware of all the benefits DECA provides. Because of their knowledge and support of DECA, being involved in will likely give you a competitive edge in the application process.

Even if the company you are apply to is not a member of the NAB, the speaking skills and professionalism you bring to the table will still set you apart from the other candidates. This will help you on the hunt for either a job or internship, which you can use to earn some side money. And, as a bonus, you will gain skills and knowledge of industries that are frequently tested in DECA cluster exams and role plays!

I hope that you all use these tips to make DECA work for you this year!

This article was written by Michigan DECA Vice President of Career Development, Nick Chirgwin. You can follow Nick on Twitter @DECA_NickC.


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