Introducing the 2017-2018 Executive Officer Team’s Program of Leadership

With each passing year officer teams change, more members join and new programs are developed. Amongst all of these moving parts one thing stays constant – DECA’s outstanding prowess.

Year after year, DECA continues to grow and become better in every sense of the word. One reason for that is having a strong foundation; and that foundation can be found in each year’s Program of Leadership. This roadmap clearly defines the goals for the year and how they will better the organization.

This year is no different. The Executive Officer team and I have worked extremely hard in order to create an attainable and engaging program of leadership.

We wanted to create a program that is designed by and tailored for our DECA members. So we set out to speak with members to see what they think about DECA and how it can improve. During these discussions, there was one recurring theme- DECA ends after competition. This means that our members want to be engaged throughout the entire year, and not just during competition season.

Over 19,000 DECA members go to the International Career Development Conference, which seems like a lot, but in comparison to DECA’s total membership, that is just over 8%. This year’s program of leadership is designed to continue the amazing programs that are already established, create new ways to grow DECA, and engage all 100% of members throughout the entire year.

So without further adieu, I am extremely excited to share the 2017-2018 Program of Leadership with all of you! You can view our POL online here.

We believe that these initiatives will continue DECA’s outstanding legacy and will help to grow the organization for the future. On behalf of the Executive Officer team, we cannot wait to get this year started and to serve all of you to our fullest potential. This year will truly be #Limitless!

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