DECA Advisor’s Advice for College Freshman

I reached out to current Collegiate DECA members and DECA alumni on DECA’s LinkedIn Group recently asking for their best pieces of advice for incoming college freshman.

We’re received some amazing tips and DECA lessons from current college students who were DECA members in high school, but Mr. Chris Thompson, a DECA advisor at Valley Christian DECA, offered up these six pieces of advice:

  1. Avoid credit card offers
  2. Get a part time job or do something to generate income for living expenses.
  3. Add one person to your LinkedIn network daily.
  4. Workout six days a week.
  5. Study on Sunday through Thursday night. Take Friday and Saturday night off.
  6. Thank your parents on a regular basis for paying for your education.

Thanks for sharing these awesome college tips Mr. Thompson!

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