4 Tips to Perfecting Your Recruiting Table

Andrew Muskatevc | Arizona State University Collegiate DECA

The fall 2017 semester is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for club and organization fairs!

This time of year is always exciting for our Collegiate DECA chapter at Arizona State University as it allows us to meet tons of new students who are looking for a new organization to join.

Here are some tips that have helped us reach more students recently:

1. It’s as simple as sales.

From here on out you can start thinking about recruiting as sales. You (a lovable and extra-motivated DECA member) are now a Collegiate DECA ambassador, inviting prospective students to a one-of-a-kind professional development experience. The important thing to remember about sales is that it’s not about being pushy or persuasive. People buy from people they like, regardless of price or convenience. If you show your best side, use your swanky DECA networking skills, and connect deeply and genuinely with students, you are guaranteed new members.

2. Be prepared for students who don’t know what DECA is.

Each year, the question we get most is “What is DECA?” I used to dread getting this question until I realized how important of an opportunity it is. With this question, you have the chance to introduce them to Collegiate DECA, and build their first impression of this amazing organization. Make sure you have an answer prepared for this question, and don’t be discouraged if you have to answer it at least 500 times during your club/organization fair.

3. Perfect the presentation.

What does your setup look like? Does your table stand out? Is the table inviting? Do you have any features that will engage your audience more? Some options we always implement at ASU are trivia games, giveaways or photo booths – the options are #Limitless!

4. Don’t be afraid.

It is important to remember that you are representing your chapter, and fear is easy to spot. I always like to stand in the area in front of our tabling setup. This will make you more visible, project confidence and allow you to interact with more students than you would behind the table. The students are there to hear why Collegiate DECA is the right fit for them, so put yourself out there and tell them all about the amazing experiences you’ve had so far.  They will be more interested in engaging with you if you aren’t hiding behind your table.

Whether your school has 10 or 1,000 student organizations, these tips will help you stand out and connect with more potential Collegiate DECA members. Remember to implement all of the sales skills DECA has taught you, make your table setup look professional, and put yourself out there!

This article was written by Arizona State University Collegiate DECA President, Andrew Muskatevc. You can follow ASU Collegiate DECA on Twitter @asudeca.

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