How Your DECA Experience Can Help You in College

Anna Sullivan | Elmwood Park DECA Alumuna

In high school, I was voted most involved as my senior superlative. I was a little overextended, meaning I liked to do lots of things and I was always trying to show myself up, something I think a lot of DECA members can relate to.

My best piece of advice I can give to students starting off in college is not to lose this spirit, but also to make time to simply enjoy the experience.

Anna (center) at DECA’s International Career Development Conference.

Your first semester, try anything that sounds interesting to you! Then, by second semester, trim it down to the activities you’re really passionate about.

My experience with DECA continues to shape who I am, and I firmly believe our members have a strong head start when moving forward in our education.

For instance, DECA time – ten minutes early – can be applied to classes, office hours, and group meetings.

The experience you gained while interacting with judges and selling your presentations is a huge confidence booster too, especially when it comes time to start selling yourself in interviews.

Lastly, the events and bonding activities you plan with your chapter now will help you effortlessly communicate with groups and make new friends once you start college.

The important thing is to be yourself because, no matter how confident they seem, everyone else is alone for the first time too and having to start fresh.

While, of course, your education is your top priority, be sure to have fun. The friends you make and the experiences you create while you’re there are going to last you a lifetime.

This article was written by former Elmwood Park DECA member, Anna Sullivan. Anna is currently studying at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. You can follow Elmwood Park DECA on Twitter @EP_DECA.

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