The 3 R’s To Help You Get Over Your Post-#DECAELS Depression

Luke Poteat | #DECAELS Social Media Team

I’ll be the first one to admit, the plane ride back to Arizona from #DECAELS 2017 was not a fun one for me. Once I realized that the conference I had been looking forward to for months was actually over, it took me a while to get back into my usual groove.

Many, if not all, #DECAELS attendees know exactly what I’m talking about, and it’s a feeling that hits most of us after every conference.

So how do you deal with that post-#DECAELS depression?  Here’s a few tips and ways you can get involved back at home to round out the end to your #SummerOfDECA!


This one didn’t strike me as being that important at first, but after talking it through in my own head and then with my association officer team, I realized that reviewing what we’ve learned at ELS was a great way to touch on those key ideas and also bring back all the awesome memories from the conference.

Go through your notes, your EMPOWER or ELEVATE booklets, and other information you gathered at ELS and rewrite the key points and things you want to focus on in the upcoming year. Remember, if we write it and read it, we’ll remember and repeat it.

Another great thing you could do is hold a recap meeting with your association team or chapter officer team, whether it be in person or over Skype or Hangout. By going back through together, you’ll be able to hear what each member of your team really took away and what stood out to them. Our team advisor in Arizona always tells us to “take a nugget” from everything you do, and this meeting is the perfect opportunity to do that.


The school year, and in turn the beginning of another #Limitless year of DECA, is quickly approaching. So, to combat that post-#DECAELS depression, get out and recruit members! This is an amazing opportunity for the chapter officers that attended ELS, because they can get together and use what they learned to get out and work in their schools and communities to find new members.

DECA is an amazing organization, as we all already know, but sadly not everyone that could be part of it is, so to grow DECA’s reach and impact on the lives of students, recruiting new members is a huge detail. Association officers can get in on the action too, working with their respective districts or regions to build membership, or even working with the officer team at their school. Being an association officer, the opportunities we have to impact chapter officers around our states and provinces is huge, so even getting a Hangout going where officers can ask questions or develop recruitment plans with their association officers would be a huge asset in the upcoming year.


I touched on the third “R” in this series already a little bit in the Recruit section, but to really get back in the groove and out of your post-ELS depression, reconnecting with your DECA members, advisors, and friends is the key. It’s pretty hard to come home from an amazing conference like ELS and then have no one to share all your new knowledge and experiences with right? Organize a meeting with your association team, or hold a chapter meeting the week before school starts, or even ask your advisor if you can take them to lunch.

By making an effort to meet with and grow with your officers and members, you’ll be able to share all your new-found knowledge and also reconnect with people that couldn’t attend ELS. Meet with your advisor as well, because no one wants what’s best for you more than them. Share all you learned, the great ideas you have for the year ahead, and start to lay out with them how you want the upcoming year to look.

Post-conference depression is real, but by using these three R’s you’ll be able to be back and ready to go for the #LIMITLESS year of DECA ahead!

This article was written by Arizona DECA Executive Secretary and #DECAELS Social Media Team member, Luke Poteat. You can follow Luke on Twitter @the_DECA_Luke.

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