Top 3 Things I Learned at #DECAELS 2017

Jasmine Tong-Seely | #DECAELS Social Media Team

The 2017 DECA Emerging Leader Summit in Tysons, Va., was a three-day whirlwind of learning, networking, engaging and celebrating.

During my time at #DECAELS, I walked away having learned three very important lessons:

1. Never hesitate to network.

Throughout the entire Emerging Leader Summit, there were countless moments of networking that led to the building of connections and friendships – between chapter, association, and executive officers from all across the nation (and Canada!) Learning about the lives of other DECA members and creating some awesome memories together is one of the best things that being a DECA member has to offer. Don’t miss out on those memories and experiences!

2. Music can create any environment you want it to.

During the three days of the Empower workshop led by Rhett Laubach for DECA’s association officers, there was almost never a silent moment. Sing-alongs, spontaneous dance parties, quiet reflections, and everything in between – Rhett created all these atmospheres with his choice of music. Music keeps people engaged and tuned in to the mood of the room – being able to control that mood is a powerful tool to use as a workshop facilitator.

3. Live to lead by serving others.

One of the key takeaways from the three days of the conference was a concept that is at the core of altruistic leadership. Leaders that create opportunities and unite people under a shared vision are servant leaders. Servant leadership is something that the world needs more of, and DECA’s ELS workshops emphasized its importance. Knowing that DECA is empowering leaders with a focus on service and sending them into the world to enact positive change – that gives me a great deal of hope.

This article was written by California DECA Association Officer and #DECAELS Social Media Team member, Jasmine Tong-Seely. You can follow Jasmine on Twitter @jas.tongseely.

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