Meet Collegiate DECA’s Newest Executive Officer, Darcie Hill

Adriana Garcia | Lyman DECA

Becoming an executive officer is a once in a lifetime experience and helps build your career in more than just a professional sense. For Darcie Hill, DECA was a way to stay involved on campus and assist her in future career goals.

“I found my best friends and it was a super impactful experience my senior year of high school. I later joined at Arizona State University (ASU) and worked hard to become a chapter and state officer,” Darcie said, but she also saw the social side of the organization. “I think the thing that resonated with me the most was the family.”

Both Darcie’s time in DECA and campaign for office have both been a breeze. For her, campaigning meant meeting a new group of student leaders who had a passion for their careers and future endeavors.

“Whether or not I was on the team, I knew I wanted to be connected with them and that was my focus; really building a network.”

Looking back on the campaign, Darcie initially remembered seeing 10 candidates and realizing only half of them would become officers. That’s definitely intimidating moment, but thanks to her friends and fellow candidates she was able to fully enjoy every moment of the campaign.

Now moving forward, Darcie and the four other Collegiate DECA executive officers are dedicated to making history and creating a strong program of work for their term of service.

“We’d really like to track chapter development and have resources ready for them,” Darcie said of her biggest goal for this year.

Although she couldn’t just pick one goal to work on, she definitely knew the program of work was something she most looked forward to developing. Saying it’s something the team really wants to see in action, she mentioned how much of a positive impact the team will see in Collegiate DECA but more importantly, getting to do it with her best friends.

“You hear officers say that they’re all best friends and you just wonder how if they only meet a few times, but it’s true; we connect in a different way and it’s really something you can’t explain.”

Before signing off, I asked Darcie what was the one thing she’d want the members of Collegiate DECA to know about her. Her answer was nothing short of positively genuine.

“I feel that I’m a very passionate person. Whether it’s about DECA or music, I’ll go and pursue that passion. I think everyone should do that too; whether it’s math or science, you should go with your heart!”

Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram @CDECAVPDarcie.

This article was written by Lyman DECA member, Adriana Garcia. You can follow Adriana on Twitter @AdrianaGaricaa.

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