Why #DECAELS Should Be on Your Conference Bucket List

Luke Poteat | #DECAELS Social Media Team

Even though the 2017 DECA Emerging Leader Summit is sadly over, DECA members across the country are gearing up for the new school year and the beginning of another great year in DECA.

The Ultimate DECA Power Trip, regional conferences and district competitions are fast approaching, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about #DECAELS 2018!

The conference, a summit for current chapter and association officers, is chalk-full of amazing information to help you develop exciting workshops, build your network and truly experience all of what DECA has to offer.

Here are just a few reasons why #DECAELS should be on your conference bucket list for this year:


This year’s ELS had amazing workshops that prepared DECA students to take on the year ahead with great new ideas. In the Empower series, attended by association officers, speaker Rhett Laubach hosted a series of workshops on how to develop a great workshop. This seems a little confusing, but the content Rhett delivered was immensely beneficial to all, and the workshops hosted by your state and provincial officers in the upcoming year are sure to be #LIMITLESS thanks to Rhett’s teaching.


In the ELEVATE series, chapter officers learned how to network, build their chapters and create a great unity with their teams to take back for the upcoming year. ELS really has something for everyone, and the workshops you’ll attend while there will surely prepare you to be the best association or chapter officer you can be.


Luke Poteat with 2017-2018 DECA President, Jaron May.

As is the case with all DECA conferences, ELS is an amazing opportunity to connect with old friends and make tons of new ones. Being one of DECA’s smaller conferences, the atmosphere throughout is very welcoming and inviting, and by the end of what seems like only a few short days you’ve made lifelong friends and connections. Being an association officer, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to catch up with my counterparts from across the country, and it was great to finally meet some of the people I had connected with on social media in person.

Chapter officers can have countless networking experiences as well, being able to connect with their state or province association officers, as well as each other to share ideas and tips they use in their school. ELS provides DECA members with the ability to truly connect with each other and get to know each other through workshops, tours, and just hanging out. Not to mention, you can get some pretty sweet pictures with your Executive Officer Team.


ELS is just another way to travel with DECA, but the experience of being able to do so with a smaller group of members really created a fun, enjoyable experience. Traveling around Washington, D.C., with my team was amazing, and we got tons of awesome pictures at all the monuments and memorials. Wanting to one day serve our country in the Senate, I thanked my team multiple times for putting up with me freaking out when we went to The White House and Capitol Hill.

The memories you make, pictures you take and travel you get to experience at #DECAELS are something you simply can’t pass up!

This article was written by Arizona DECA Executive Secretary and #DECAELS Social Media Team member, Luke Poteat. You can follow Luke on Twitter @the_DECA_Luke.

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