Time to Build with New Collegiate DECA Vice President Josh Koshy

Adriana Garcia | Lyman DECA

Everybody’s DECA journey is something that is unique and one of a kind. At the end of the day however, we are all student leaders.

Collegiate DECA Vice President, Josh Koshy went through a very interesting journey of his own.

“I joined when I was a sophomore in high school. I always wanted to be a part of business organization and that’s what really attracted me to DECA. I wasn’t the best high school student, but my chapter really helped me build a platform for myself. Once Collegiate DECA came around, I was in community college.” Josh recalled.

He also believe that it really helped him grow as both a student and a professional leader.

“My advisor really wanted me to grow and I wanted to be a leader. I invested my time and saw the potential and DECA’s ability to change people’s lives. It changed my focus from myself to others.”

With this change in perspective, Josh really took his leadership to new heights as he moved to become a leader within his chapter, Texas DECA Association President and now Collegiate DECA Vice President!

So that’s Josh’s past, but what about his future as an officer? What does he want to be remembered for?

“Going in, I’d want to be somebody on the team who really set Collegiate DECA on the path of success; a trailblazer. Honestly, I look forward to seeing the end product of our terms. At ICDC, we’re able to see what we did as a team. As [Texas DECA] President, I had to plan the state conference and I really got to see everything I was able to do. Even looking back on it, I can still be proud of what I’ve harvested. ICDC isn’t the end; DECA for life. Diamonds are forever.

This trailblazer definitely has some goals for his term though. Josh plans on working with his team to engage the member of the National Advisory Board (DECA’s corporate supporters). Along this, he’s set on igniting passion within the organization’s collegiate division.

Want some advice from Josh? Here’s what he wants everyone to know.

“It’s all about reaching out. I love talking to people, use the officers as a resource. Please ask us questions! If you ever want to make a difference, take initiative!

Be sure you’re following Josh on Twitter @CDECAVPJosh!

This article was written by Lyman DECA member, Adriana Garcia. You can follow Adriana on Twitter @AdrianaGaricaa.

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