Our Favorite Parts of #DECAELS

Bridget Summerlee | #DECAELS Social Media Team

As the 2017 DECA Emerging Leader Summit wrapped up, many officers began experiencing something known as post-DECA conference depression.

As they reminisced on the incredible conference, I asked attendees to tell me about their favorite part of #DECAELS.

Here are just a few of our favorite, most memorable aspects of DECA ELS:

1. Networking

“I loved meeting new people and getting to bond more with my chapter. I got to see what’s in my chapter’s future and help to plan that.” – Reagan Olenick, Cypress Bay DECA, Florida

“My favorite part about DECA ELS was the networking opportunity provided through the interactive Elevate workshops. As a newly formed chapter, it gave me a crucial understanding of how fellow officers run their chapters and inspired me to similarly and successfully lead my own.” – Jovairia Rafique, Uplift North Hills DECA, Texas

“Favorite part of ELS was hanging with the state officers and getting useful tips from them!” – Alex Johnstone, Casa Grande DECA, Arizona

“The opportunity to network with so many different people from so many different places and being able to get closer to my own chapter and state officers. I loved it, one of the best DECA trips I have ever been on!” – Julio Urrutia, Cypress Bay DECA, Florida

2. DC Night Tour

“Being able to adventure around DC with people from different states and chapters at night was an amazing experience where I not only learned a lot about the country’s capital but about my new DECA friends.” – Miranda Milan, Cypress Bay DECA, Florida

“My favorite thing that we did in DC was the night tour because it was fun learning about the past of our country!” – Payton Prettelt, St. Amant DECA, Louisiana

3. DECA After Dark

“My favorite part of ELS was DECA After Dark, where we got to go around to different stations and learn about different topics. The music afterwards was a great end to the night!” – Delaney Boone, Patrick Henry DECA, Virginia

“I would say that my favorite part of this year’s ELS in Washington DC was the ‘DECA speed dating’. I learned a lot in those eight minutes at each table. The way that each speaker was able to condense topics such as public speaking and critical thinking into an eight minute presentation was impressive and made the content easier to consume.” – Katie Lee, Buchholz, DECA Florida

“My favorite part of ELS this year was DECA After Dark! I met new friends by speed networking, learned about getting a scholarship from DECA, and got a tattoo! Also the music at the end was awesome!! #bellybutton!” – Flory Brockwell, Patrick Henry DECA, Virginia

“My favorite part of the trip was getting to really bond with my team and becoming closer as a whole. My favorite part of the workshops was definitely the 8 minute workshops at DECA After Dark. I thought it was a great way to learn a lot in only a little bit of time.” – Lindsay Studstill, Buchholz DECA, Florida

4. Workshops

“I loved ELS! As a chapter officer, this was my first leadership conference. I enjoyed the entire experience, but my favorite was the instructors’ vast knowledge that they shared with us! Truly gave me the key to a #LIMITLESS year! Go PA DECA!” – Matt Spears, Highlands DECA, Pennsylvania

“My favorite workshop was learning about the different ways we can fundraise for our DECA chapter, especially how we can contact local stores and colleges that already have established DECA programs. I thought this was a great tool!” – Dhaarna Malik, Uplift North Hills DECA, Texas

“My favorite part of ELS was getting to hear from the members of Team Tri and other DECA members! Everything they had to say was very inspiring and helpful and I’m glad I was there to learn from their expertise!” – Chloe Dougherty, East Ridge DECA, Florida

“My favorite part about ELS was learning about all the different ways to lead my chapter to success this year in the Elevate Workshop! I loved how all of the lessons were interactive and fun while they taught me many crucial pieces of information about being a successful leader!” – Sarah Jackson, Patrick Henry DECA, Virginia

As you can tell from these testimonials, there was something at #DECAELS for everyone and all these attendees had a great time! It’s definitely worth it for any chapter or association officers looking to build their leadership skills for a #LIMITLESS year!

This article was written by Grimsley DECA Officer, Bridget Summerlee. You can follow Bridget on Twitter @brsummerlee and @grimsley_deca.

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