5 Things You Need to Know About Collegiate DECA Vice President Joe Esposito

Adriana Garcia | Lyman DECA

Many of you may have seen his latest article debunking the many myths of collegiate DECA (if you haven’t already read it, then what are you doing? Check it out!), but not many of them really know the author who wrote the article.

Well your wish is my command! I chatted with Joe Esposito and got to know him on your behalf. Here’s five things that you need to know about the newest Collegiate DECA Vice President.

1. His DECA Story

“I was in FBLA during high school and I was a chapter officer. I was able to work with them and really help develop the chapter. But, coming to Johnson & Wales University (JWU) I wanted to get involved so I joined DECA and fell in love with it! I was able to take on leadership roles and moving into this year I ran for executive office and now I get to represent members alongside four other amazing people. I’ve really learned that DECA prepares you for your future. My employers were really impressed with DECA and that’s when I realized what DECA can do for me.”

2. His Campaign Experience

“My campaign experience was a lot of fun! I was really nervous; we found out a week ahead about having ten candidates. In collegiate, candidates run for all five positions. I remember actually playing frisbee with voters and members! The members are so exciting and it’s probably my favorite thing.”

3. His Most Nerve Racking Campaign Moment

“At then end when they announced the officers! They called our names really slowly. First they called Darcie, but she took forever getting on stage since she was in the back, but when they called my name I remember freaking out and bolting on stage.”

4. His Favorite Part of Executive Officer Training

“I’ve never been to DECA Inc. headquarters before, and when you enter the building, you walk down a narrow hallway and you see plaques with the names of people. You really feel the history as you enter the building. Seeing and feeling the history around you really stood out.”

5. His Best Advice to Members

“A professor once told me, ‘You need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable,’ so going into Collegiate DECA it’s been a quote to stick with me so I took on as many new experiences as possible. I think getting uncomfortable is something all members should do; it’s where the magic happens!”

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This article was written by Lyman DECA member, Adriana Garcia. You can follow Adriana on Twitter @AdrianaGaricaa.

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