7 Reasons Why Chapter Officers Should Attend #DECAELS

Bridget Summerlee | #DECAELS Social Media Team
Photo courtesy of @phhsdeca on Instagram.

This past week, DECA chapter and association officers from across the country met in Tysons, Va., to attend the 2017 Emerging Leader Summit. Over the course of three days, chapter officers completed the Elevate leadership program and association officers completed the Empower program.

After having such a great time at #DECAELS, these are the top reasons why I encourage every chapter officer to attend ELS:

1. Networking

Without the chaos of a competition conference, there’s plenty of extra time and opportunities to network with other attendees. ELS brings some of the most DECA-cated officers together from all over the country. You can work with officers from other chapters, plus meet your association and executive officers!

2. Bond with Your Team

Before the school year starts, ELS allows you and your officer team to learn how to work best with one another, understand their leadership styles, and become closer as a team. Chapter officer teams learned how to improve their communication and teamwork and how to make the year #LIMITLESS for their chapter.

3. Get Ahead

The Elevate program is designed to help you build your leadership skills within your chapter and in everyday situations. This is a great experience and accomplishment to have under your belt, especially if you hope to run for an association officer position or a higher chapter officer position in the future.

4. DECA After Dark

Our first night at ELS, we had the opportunity to attend four mini workshops from executive officers and alumni members. There were 11 workshops with a wide variety of topics, from college applications to running for executive office, so you could pick and choose what you’re most interested in. The workshops may have been shorter, but they were nonetheless fun and informative!

5. Plan for the Year

From workshops about social media to officer team structure and leadership styles, the Elevate program provided chapter officers with information to help them effectively run their chapter this year. There were opportunities for officer teams to plan social media posts, chapter meeting themes, chapter projects, and more.

6. Travel and Visit New Places

On the second day of ELS, attendees took a bus tour around Washington, D.C., making stops at the White House, the U.S. Capitol and the National Monument, just to name a few. We had the chance to take pictures all around DC and learn about its fascinating history. Also, the hotel was only 15 minutes away from DECA Inc. headquarters in Reston, Va., and many officers were able to visit or take a tour!

7. Candy, Balloons, Paper Airplanes and More!

The workshops at ELS weren’t just serious and never boring. There were so many fun activities everyday that related to DECA (and a few that didn’t!) involving balloons, dice games, tons of candy, flying paper airplanes, and many more!

If you’re interested in attending the 2018 #DECAELS, be sure to check deca.org/els later this year for more registration information.

This article was written by Grimsley DECA chapter officer, Bridget Summerlee. You can follow Bridge on Twitter @brsummerlee and Grimsley DECA @grimsley_deca.

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