3 Sales Skills That Will Help You in the Future

Sales skills are key in the working world. At some point in your life, you may come across a job or an internship opportunity that involves sales. Some of you may even look for a position in sales.

Having sales skills opens endless doors for you in the future by increasing income opportunities, better job security, and an enhanced understanding of working with people.

You may even tell yourself, “sales just isn’t for me”, and that may be true, but having certain sales skills will always benefit you in anything you do.

Sales is everywhere and in every industry.  At some point in your life, you will be selling something, whether it is a product, idea, or yourself. At some point, you will interview for a job, and you’ll need to sell yourself. Many of you may even interview with a school to get accepted into a program. This is where sales skills will help you.

Here are three sales skills that will be invaluable to you:

 1. Communication

When you attempt to sell anything – a product, an idea, or yourself— communication is essential. Effective communication requires a connection. Good communication allows you to be a good listener and hear the needs of the person you’re communicating with.

Since most issues that happen at work can be avoided by good communication, most of the jobs you obtain will call on you to communicate. Whether it’s with your superiors about an issue or your colleagues when collaborating, you want to effectively convey your points in a way that encourages someone to listen. Communication calls for understanding. By being a good communicator, you learn to work with people who think and act different than you.

2. Creating Value

Value is all about what someone can gain without losing. Nobody wants to lose anything by working with you, but they do want to gain something. People are more likely to lean toward what you are selling if you can create value for them.

Creating value is the ability to honestly convey facts about a product or an idea that mean something to your listener. Imagine having a great idea that you want someone to be onboard with. Maybe it’s where you go on family vacation. Someone else may not see how great it is unless you’re able to create value in your idea for them.

This skill will allow you to learn about the person you are talking to and how what you’re offering can benefit them.

3. Handling Objections 

You’ve been dealing with objections your whole life: why you can’t go out on a school night, why you can’t take the car, or even why you can’t have a cookie before dinner. Someone will always give you a reason why not.

You may have something so great that you are selling to someone, but there will usually be some personal concern they have. Everyone has concerns. Perhaps it’s a financial or time investment. People just want to be reassured. It’s important to listen and acknowledge a concern. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to communicate to them that they have nothing to be concerned about. Handling objections ensures that when someone makes a decision they see your side and are confident in it.

So. the next time someone gives you a reason why they’re not crazy about your idea, you’ll be able to show them otherwise by properly handling their objection.

This article was written by Vector West Camus Recruiting Manager, Amanda Sahawneh. Vector Marketing is a DECA National Advisory Board partner and Corporate Social Media Correspondent. You can follow Vector Marketing on Twitter @VectorMarketing.

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