4 Keys to Creating a Polished Sponsorship Packet for Your Chapter

Jazmine Reyes | Arizona State University Collegiate DECA

This summer the Arizona State University Collegiate DECA leadership team got together and discussed ways to obtain funding for upcoming competitions and conferences. Ultimately, our team agreed to try the sponsorship route.

Sponsorships can have many benefits including gaining exposure for your chapter and the opportunity for monetary and in-kind donations.

One of the best ways to start your sponsorship journey is to create a yearly sponsorship packet for your chapter. Your sponsorship packet should highlight your chapter’s accomplishments while making the Collegiate DECA brand and its goals very clear.

Here are some points you should focus on while creating your chapter sponsorship kit.

1. Presentation

This is nothing new. Like most professional documentation (i.e. resumes, cover letters, etc.), the aesthetic of your sponsorship packet should represent your chapter, but most importantly the Collegiate DECA brand. Use appropriate language and/or images to reflect your overall message.

2. Think about what your chapter has to offer.

Company’s want to know what your chapter has to offer in return of their partnership. Think of simple yet valuable ways you could positively impact both DECA and the company you are requesting sponsorship from. For example, maybe offering a space on your chapter membership t-shirts, or displaying their logo on your chapter website/social media platforms.

3. Don’t forget about the numbers.

The numbers are just as important as the presentation. Including helpful statistics/numbers about your social media presences as well as providing the average number of attendees at chapter related functions helps the company understand their opportunities for exposure.

4. Make it personal.

At the end of the day, the company you are requesting sponsorship from wants to know why they should partner with your chapter. Creating a sponsorship letter is an excellent way to put a personal touch to your sponsorship package. In addition, make an effort to hand deliver your sponsorship materials and get to know the management team of the company you’re requesting from. One more way to put an extra special touch to your sponsorship request.

Click here to see the ASU Collegiate DECA 2017-2018 sponsorship package!

The Arizona State University Collegiate DECA team is still learning the ropes as far as sponsorship goes. However, we are off to a great start. Our goal is put ENGAGE and the 2018 International Career Development Conference in the financial reach for all of our chapter members and make the 2017-18 academic year #Limitless!

This article was written by Arizona State University Collegiate DECA Executive Vice President, Jazmine Reyes. You can follow ASU Collegiate DECA on Twitter @asudeca.

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