Breaking Down the Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program

As you’re enjoying your #SummerofDECA, remember to prepare for another #Limitless year of learning and networking opportunities while having fun along the way.

One part of this year I am most excited about is the Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program! This program is better than ever before thanks some some redevelopment, but don’t stress because I am here to help break it down.

The program this year has been redesigned and we have added some new and exciting options that you and your chapter can do this year.

The Leadership Passport Program revolves four categories:

  1. Academically Successful
  2. Community Oriented
  3. Career Ready
  4. Experienced Leaders

Each category represents a different part of DECA diamond, and there are requirements in each of them that you will recognize from previous years while adding some new and exciting options for you to get involved.

When completing the Passport Program this year, just remember there are two levels: Blue and Gold.

For the Blue Level, you have to complete three (3) requirements from each section, along with the mandatory requirements for all participants.

For the Gold Level, you must complete at least five (5) from each section, along with the mandatory requirements.

The Chapter Leadership Passport Program is a great way for your chapter and your members to get involved on and off campus while building connections that will last a lifetime. My chapter has been able to get involved off campus for our community service by teaching elementary students the fundamentals of business through the organization known as Junior Achievement.

The Chapter Leadership Passport Program is broken down into three different levels: Executive, Diplomat, and Presidential. Each one requires a certain amount of activities to be met before you can achieve each level.

Whether you are new to Collegiate DECA or returning this year, make sure to get involved this program! I look forward to recognizing everyone who achieves the Leadership Passport Program Award next April at #DECAinDC.

To find out more about the Leadership Passport Program, go to

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