4 Ways to DECArate Your Social Media Account

Collin Preston | Kentucky DECA
Photo courtesy of @blacksburgdeca on Instagram.

We’ve all seen them. Whether they have photos riddled with DECA blazers accompanied by beautiful landscapes, or a feed of their chapter’s activities, DECA social media accounts can be the pride of someone’s online identity.

More often than not, the owners’ of these accounts are the ones that build a lasting presence and influence beyond their Twitter handles.

Hundreds of likes and even more followers bring attention to notable DECA accounts. While there are many different social media platforms to utilize, this article will be focusing primarily on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The following tips are ways either you as an individual, or your chapter can truly DECArate (decorate with a DECA theme) your social media account.

1. Post Regularly

The Internet is a fast-paced outlet. A lot of users’ attention goes to what is happening right now and not from months ago. If you want to stay relevant, it is imperative that you post on consistent basis. For some people, this is every day; others can take a week. One of the most common downfalls of DECA chapter accounts is that they post a few times and never again. Avoid this by posting on a consistent basis. I’ve personally found that making a DECA related post twice a month, along with every major DECA conference I attend, typically gets positive reception. The more your followers get into a routine of your posts, the more likely they are to expect them and from there like and share those posts.

2. Be Positive and Professional

This is by far the easiest step of the process. Behind every successful DECA account is a stand-up leader who is willing to have a positive digital footprint. This tip doesn’t mean you constantly have to use smiley emojis, but it does mean you should monitor what people are saying. It’s okay to remove inappropriate, negative, or spam comments from your timeline, because it is your timeline. Also, it never hurts to smile in pictures, caption what exactly you’re doing with DECA, or even make a joke. As a member of the organization that prepares emerging leaders for their careers, you want your actions and posts to leave a positive image online. Throw up your DECA Diamonds and say, “Cheese!”

3. Use Your Features

Hashtags and location services are both big ways to enhance posts you make. Sometimes, less is more. Instead of getting super explanatory on a post about a chapter activity, tag a location, and use a hashtag like #SummerofDECA. It’s also important to fill as many empty spaces you possibly can when setting up an account (i.e. profile pictures, pages, bios, etc.). Follow and/or friend every person and chapter you can that has a DECA account, to build a network of DECA members who will view and share your content posted, and follow back those who follow you. Be aware of what successful DECA accounts are doing to get noticed.

4. Take Great Photos

You don’t need an amazing camera to take great photos; all you need is to be thoughtful. Use aesthetically pleasing lighting and hold your camera steady. Take photos often and in places where photos are meant to be taken. When you can, take photos of yourself in your DECA blazer or a DECA t-shirt to show you are a part of the culture of DECA. On top of this, it’s important to remember DECA Inc. features great pictures on their social media platforms from our respective accounts, but more importantly they showcase great moments. If you are genuinely happy in front of anything from a DECA banner to the Grand Canyon, no camera resolution will diminish the DECA moment you post. Great moments make great photos.

Every post counts on your social media accounts. With these four tips, make your account a shining example of why DECA is an awesome organization. Make those profiles, blue, gold, and full of diamonds and soon, the views, likes and comments will come pouring in for your DECArated social media account!

This article was written by Kentucy DECA Vice President of Finance, Collin Preston. You can follow Collin on Twitter @justcpreston.

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