3 Unique MDA Fundraising Ideas

Madeline Cantu | Belvidere DECA

Since we are halfway through summer the new school year will be here before we know it, I would like to talk about one huge piece of being a DECA member: fundraising.

However, this isn’t about fundraising for your chapter, but instead for DECA’s longest charitable partner, the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation (MDA).

If you are wanting to travel outside the usual candy bar and car wash fundraisers, these ideas will be just right for you:

Play for MDA

Play for MDA is a golf play day with the option of adding sponsors to donate items for a silent raffle. When planning a golf play day, just remember to start planning far in advance and be dedicated. Find a local golf course to help you out and be sure to let people know that proceeds will go to MDA. This particular fundraiser needs more attention and hard work since, it is a night event, so make sure you have a group willing to put in the effort to make it a success!

DECA Drive-in

A DECA Drive-in is a less intensive fundraiser, but still a major one. My chapter hosted one last year and we sold food and accepted donations during the event as well. The drive in is good for all ages. We did a poll on which movies the audience wanted to see. We had a movie for younger kids first, and then one geared more towards teens afterwards. We got donations for the food and used our school parking lot so we didn’t have to spend much money for the event. We also put up flyers and had our school make announcements about the event, so everyone knew when to attend.

DECA Goes Green

DECA Goes Green would be a four to five day event that would take place during a school week. There is a particular theme for each day to help get everyone in your school involved and raise awareness for MDA.

Some these ideas include:

  • Mascot Monday – Dress up in school colors or as your mascot.
  • Tip Tuesday – Share tips to raise awareness about DECA and MDA.
  • DECA-RATE Day – Students would get the chance to decorate a their lockers or the locker area to celebrate DECA and MDA.
  • DECA Donates Green – Your chapter would go around collecting money to donate to MDA.

With these ideas in mind, your DECA chapter will be ready to throw an incredible MDA fundraising this fall!

This article was written by Belvidere DECA President, Madeline Cantu. You can follow Madeline on Twitter @maddycantu_.

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