3 Ways DECA Can Make You Dollars

Sarah Young | Riverbend DECA

Now that school is finally out, many students – maybe yourself included – are fighting to score their dream summer job.

Fortunately, DECA has prepared you for this very moment and it is your chance to stand out among the candidates.

Here are a few ways that you can use DECA to impress the boss!

1. Amp Up Your Resume

DECA looks great on resumes and the chances that your boss has heard outstanding things about the organization are high. Including that you are a member shows that you are active in school and excel in concepts needed for your job. The hiring manager may have even been a member of DECA in high school! Make sure to mention any leadership positions you may also hold through your chapter.

2. Be Epic in Your Interview

After impressing the manager with your application, it is imperative that you follow through in the interview. Remember the skills you used in role-play competitions to show your innovative thinking. The interviewer wants to get to know the amazing DECA student that you are.

3. Own Your Future in the Job

Whether the job is long term or just for the summer, maintaining a good attitude and work performance can benefit you with future opportunities. Use the customer service skills that are addressed in many DECA events to get a good reputation and maybe an outstanding letter of recommendation from the impressed boss!

Did you get your dream summer job thanks to DECA? Make sure to use #SummerofDECA to share your experience!

This article was written by Riverbend DECA Chapter Secretary and District President, Sarah Young. You can follow Riverbend DECA on Twitter @bendddeca.

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