The Top 5 Myths About Collegiate DECA

Many high school DECA members believe that graduation is the end of their DECA career. The truth is that your DECA journey can continue thanks to Collegiate DECA!

You may have heard different things about Collegiate DECA, but I’m here to set the record straight!

Check out the answers to some commonly found Collegiate DECA myths that I have heard over the years:

1. “They don’t have Collegiate DECA at my college or university.”

Although Collegiate DECA is not on every college campus around the world, there are hundreds that do have chapters! However, don’t be discouraged if you discover that your college does not. You can easily start a chapter by following the guidelines found on Additionally, you have the option of joining as an individual member, entitling you to receive the same benefits as you would in a chapter.

2. “I am not a business major, so I would not benefit from Collegiate DECA.”

You don’t have to be a business major to benefit from being a Collegiate DECA member. Whether you are majoring in marketing or culinary arts, the experiences and opportunities you’ll receive through Collegiate DECA will help you no matter what industry you go into. The connections that you make in Collegiate DECA will definitely benefit you in the future!

 3. “Collegiate DECA is not as fun as high school.”

Both divisions have their differences, but are very similar in the sense that they both prepare leaders to take their next step in developing. In high school, you work on the chapter level to prepare for your event or learn from industry leaders in the hopes that it will prepare you for a successful college career. In Collegiate DECA, our goal is to prepare you to be an industry leader in your future career like millions of past DECA alumni have.

4. “I have already learned everything I needed to know from DECA.”

One goal that I set for myself is to learn at least one new thing every day, and every time I attend a DECA conference I learn something new. For example, at the last Collegiate DECA conference in New York City, I learned about SoLoMo marketing and how each industry is adapting to this new way of attracting consumers. Collegiate DECA is always collaborating with National Advisory Board (NAB) partners to make sure DECA is always up to date with what is occurring in the industry to make sure our programs and competitions are accurate to today’s society.

5. “I cannot stay connected with past DECA members.”

You can always stay involved post-graduation and after you have started your career. The Alumni Division and DECA’s LinkedIn Group has made it easier than ever before to stay engaged with DECA alumni. You can join the Linkedin Group here.

So remember if you are starting college in the fall or entering the final year of college, it is never too late to join Collegiate DECA.

You have many different options when choosing to get involved and I recommend you look on under the college tab to find out how you can have a #Limitless year!

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