3 Ways LinkedIn & DECA Can Benefit You

LinkedIn recently broke half a billion users. When it comes to the business world, if you don’t have a LinkedIn, you’re already behind.

Seeing the multitude of DECA members on LinkedIn, we have to ask the question: How can DECA best use LinkedIn to add value to our members?

To me, DECA’s LinkedIn Group is the answer. Here, you’ll be able to meet new people, help your chapter through alumni relations and create international dialogue about what’s happening in DECA.

Localized Alumni Relations

DECA will be using the group to help you connect with local alumni. Whether you’re looking for judges, a keynote speaker at a conference or chapter management advice, the DECA Linkedin Group is the perfect platform to reach out.

Additionally, this is an opportunity to engage local alumni regardless of their origin. We see this as an opportunity to create a DECA Community. Contrasting exclusive alumni groups, this creates an opportunity to utilize the international nature of DECA.

Grow Your Network Internationally

Currently no means exist (other than ICDC, and isolated social media conversations) to truly expand your DECA network internationally. The DECA LinkedIn Group, gives you a platform to connect with people from across the world. Whether you’re looking for an internship, career advice, or a coffee chat when you’re traveling, the DECA Linkedin Group is the place to go.

Engage in International Dialogue

Does your chapter need advice on running a philanthropy event? Did you have a successful recruitment season and want to improve your tactics? The DECA Linkedin Group is a place to share this information and begin a conversation. The group can act as a source of news, conversation or a forum for all things DECA. We see this as a place where we can connect associations, and delegates internationally.

How do you use LinkedIn? What can you see this group being used for?

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