3 Reasons Why Recruitment Doesn’t Have to Wait Until the Fall

Photo courtesy of University of Texas at Austin Collegiate DECA.

For many Collegiate DECA chapters, membership is core to chapter engagement and stability.

As the spring semester closes, many chapters face the impact of graduation and leadership transitions and it is not uncommon for many chapters in the summer to stay stagnant until the fall semester.

However, these crucial months can be vital for chapter development and growth.

So here are a few reasons (and ways) you should utilize recruitment this summer .

1. Incoming Freshman

While many college campuses lay bare for most of the summer, every once in awhile a wave of fresh faces swarm the quiet hallways and dorms for freshman orientation. Many of these freshmen are eager to find their place and pursue their interests for the new year. Nonetheless, many colleges and universities offer organization fairs and interest nights to get students engaged. These are prime opportunities for one on one interactions with new students and introduce former high school members to the collegiate division.

2. Transfer Students

Along with freshman, many colleges offer orientations for transfer students. Many of these students are well into their academic career, but are looking for a place to connect. In many cases, transfer student are great resources to chapter development, and bring in a new perspective.

3. Membership Campaigns

The summer is the perfect time to get a head start on your chapter’s membership goals. Here at Collegiate DECA, we offer programs designed to encourage/reward awareness and growth with our Chapter Campaigns. These campaigns give chapters opportunities to be recognized at the international level, and score some free swag!

Finally, to gain more leverage in the new year, connect with any individuals you meet throughout the summer. Use this time to update new/potential members on your goals and ways to get involved over the summer.

By the time the fall semesters rolls in, your new members will be ready to take on the new year!

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