Top 5 Tips to Running a Successful Chapter Officer Team

Alexandra Hamilton | Sinclair DECA
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The key to having a successful chapter is having a successful chapter officer team.

Having the opportunity to be a chapter officer for two years and being selected as co-president of my DECA chapter for the 2017-2018 year, I have learned many tips to help my chapter succeed.

Here are my top five:

1. Chapter Officer Bonding

Before you start to run your chapter officer team, it is helpful to meet your team members in person first. My chapter likes to kick off the year by having mandatory officer bonding activity. This allows chapter officers to network and creates a sense of teamwork within the group.

It is usual a good idea to start with introductions and icebreakers, since not everyone on your officer team may know each other yet. Some activities you can do with your chapter include bowling, mini putting and going out for dinner.

2. Start Early

Every year, my chapter officer team has at least four summer meetings. Starting before the fall allows you and your team to plan ahead of time without the stress of school.

3. Set a Common Goal

By setting a common goal for your chapter before the year begins, your officers become enthusiastic and willing to work harder to achieve this goal. It should be clear and realistic. A goal can be as simple as having 80% of your chapter qualify for provincials or states.

4. Encourage Questions

Assure your chapter officers are comfortable in their positions. If there are still things they are unsure of, let them know that you are always available if they have any questions or concerns.

5. Communication

Good communication skills are essential for building a team that will lead your DECA chapter to success. If you are not communicating with your chapter officers and members, they won’t be informed of what is happening at meetings therefore leading to confusion and inefficiency. Some tools my chapter likes to use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Remind 101 to communicate with members.

This article was written by Sinclair DECA Vice President of Marketing, Alexandra Hamilton. You can follow Sinclair on Twitter @decasinclair.

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