3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Pictures

Ally White | Houston County DECA
Photo courtesy of @maryyvditta on Instagram.

Admit it. We all strive for an appealing Instagram feed.

Here are a few ways you can spruce up your feed, and bless your friends’ Twitter timelines!

1. Avoid Basic Filters.

Ignore the cheesy, basic filters. Download photo-editing apps (such as VSCO Cam) to adjust the settings of your pictures and download presets that will enhance your pictures!

2. Take Pictures of What Makes You Happy.

Not all of your pictures have to be of you and your #DECAbesties. Try taking pictures of your favorite doughnut and coffee, or a beautiful beach sunset. Instead of making all of your posts about you and your close friends and family, try switching it up a bit and sharing with your followers what makes you happiest during this #SummerofDECA!

3. Use Pinterest for Inspiration.

Stuck on what to post for your #SummerofDECA post? Use Pinterest and other photo sharing websites to gain inspiration for pictures! You can find any sort of trendy, “Tumblr-looking” picture on these types of websites, and can acquire much inspiration for your own Instagram feed.

Be sure to use these tips and tag @DECAInc in all of your #SummerofDECA photos!

This article was written by Houston County DECA Vice President of Career Development and DECA Direct Online Social Media Correspondent, Ally White. Follow Ally on Twitter @allywhite_deca.

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