3 Ways You Could Be an Outstanding Alumni

Adriana Garcia | Lyman DECA
Photo courtesy of @fit_deca on Instagram.

Graduation season has come upon us! For many of us, we’ve moved our tassel and have become alumni to our high school chapters.

You may have new things to look forward to (Collegiate DECA, anyone?) and new adventures to embark on. However, for those who are looking to stay active in DECA, being an amazing alumni to your high school chapter will definitely help!

Here are some ways you can help your chapter experience #Limitless growth!

1. Mentoring

This is extra special if you were an officer! Talk to the chapter’s officers and advisors and ask permission to implement a mentoring program. Underclassmen or upperclassmen who are interested in this can pair up with a former member to discuss competition, travel, and even getting involved in the chapter. Advisors may help, but it’s a special experience talking to someone who’s been in your position.

2. Contribute

Although mentoring is giving back, there can be many more ways to help the chapter that has done so much for you! Now, I’m not telling to you to write a check for your chapter, but donations could be beneficial. You could also be a mock judge to help competition preparation, provide networking opportunities, or even help members find events they would be best suited for. Anything helps.

3. Recruiting Magnet

Believe it or not, but alumni always help recruit members! If your chapter is hosting a recruiting event, try and help out! Meet incoming members and share your experience. If not able to attend, ask the officers in charge of the event if they need any materials that could help if borrowed (i.e. DECA glass, DECA images swag, photos, etc.)

These are some simple ways to help, but at the end of the day always remember moderation. Help as much as you can, but still allow room for the current members to grow with their chapter.

This article was written by Lyman DECA member, Adriana Garcia. You can follow Adriana on Twitter @AdrianaGaricaa.

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