4 Ways To Make Your Summer of DECA #Limitless

Photo courtesy of @dodgevilledeca on Instagram.

There’s nothing like the feeling of summer – when the bell rings for the last time of the year, and you realize suddenly you can introduce yourself as a grade older.

You get to spend more time with friends and not worry about 8 AM calculus or that AP class that’s finally over.

It’s refreshing and exciting, because your #SummerOfDECA is just beginning!

It’s easy to make the most out of your summer— just remember to keep DECA on your mind with these easy tips.

D – Don’t Forget

School might be out, but that doesn’t mean DECA shouldn’t still be a priority! Don’t forget about your incredible DECA experiences over this last year, whether they’re meeting new friends at ICDC, or winning that trophy you dreamed of at state conference.

E— ELS (see you there!)

DECA doesn’t stop for the summer, and neither do our conferences! DECA’s Emerging Leader Summit is the perfect way for chapter and association leaders to get ready for an incredible year full of #Limitless opportunities! Be sure to follow #DECAELS on Twitter and Instagram during July 9-11 to see all the exciting things happening at this year’s conference.

C— Capture the Moments

Whether you’re out at the beach with friends, at a new coffee shop, or in another country, we want to see how you’re making the most of your summer. Include the official #SummerofDECA for the chance to be featured on DECA Inc.’s Instagram—and don’t forget to make your favorite DECA Diamond!

A— Achieve More

The earlier you set your goals, the more attainable they are. Start figuring out now what you want to achieve in DECA this year (be it a competitive event win or running for a new leadership position). Write these goals down and create actionable steps you can start focusing on now, so you already have a head start by the time the school year rolls around.

Use DECA as your reminder to make this year’s #SummerofDECA Limitless, and make sure to keep us updated on the incredible adventures you’re all having!

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