3 Ways to Keep Your Chapter Engaged This Summer

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Everyone loves their #SummerofDECA, but not everyone knows how to stay involved over the summer during their long break from DECA.

It is very important to keep your chapter together and active over your summer vacation.

Here are a few ideas to build your chapter participation during season:

1. Leadership Training

A lot of chapters hold elections in the spring semester; if you are one of these chapters, this idea is especially for you! Chapter officers must know each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order for the best communications and team strategies throughout the year.

Some activities to consider trying with your chapter would be to work with past teams, try out a competitive sport, or to take a personality quiz. You can also check out DECA’s Emerging Leader Series and complete the Elevate modules as a team! This way, officers are familiar with the way other officers function in a goal-oriented environment.

2. Community Service

There are a lot of opportunities for civic consciousness over the summer that chapters can take advantage of. Most of these vary based on the local area. However, common ways to keep your chapter philanthropically involved over the summer include volunteering at animal shelters, local races, veteran homes, park districts, elderly homes and many others. Get in contact with your school administration for more information on exclusive opportunities that they may know of.

3. Fundraisers

Many chapters take advantage of the summer by holding different fundraising events. Check on DECA.org for more information on National Advisory Board members that could have fundraising tools for your chapter to use!

With these great ideas, there are plenty of ways to get your chapter more involved this #SummerofDECA, but if you are looking for more specific advice on chapter involvement, don’t be afraid to reach out to your association officers. 

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