Summertime Means Limitless Team Building

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The temperatures are warming up, the graduation caps are flying, and the final bells are sounding – the #SummerofDECA is finally here!

Just because school is over and you may not be walking past your classmates and DECA friends every day in the hall doesn’t mean you can lose touch with everyone over the summer.

Communication and getting ready for next year is key, especially with your team. Whether it is your officer team, chapter, or competition teammates, start bonding and team building with them now.

Here are some limitless ways you can bond with your team this summer:

1. Cookout/Ice Cream Social

The easiest, yet most beneficial team builders you can do this summer is to have a cookout or go get some ice cream with everyone. This simple task can turn into an amazing tool. Here you can talk with your team, plan for the upcoming year, and become friends with the people you will be spending the next year with.

My chapter officer team held a cookout last year and it was extremely productive and fun, and kicked off the year on a positive note.

2. Escape the Room

Escape the Room challenges are the new, up and coming trend for team building. The basic premise of these challenges is that you are trapped in a room with your team, and you must work together to find a way out. This will promote communication and unity, as you all will have to work together to accomplish your goal- just like you will have to work together in DECA to achieve your goals.

3. Ropes Courses

I know some of you might skip this idea because heights may not be your thing, but hear me out. What better way to overcome your fear and bond as a team than to go through a ropes course relying on said team. It may be a challenge, but it will most definitely bring you closer to your teammates. Ropes courses are extremely fun and whether you bond or not (spoiler alert: you will bond), you all can share the experience and always have the memory.

There is no limit to the amount of fun and enjoyment you can have this #SummerofDECA. Hang out with your friends, enjoy the break from the stresses of school, and get ready for an amazing year of DECA because there is a lot in store. Enjoy the summer and make sure you take some time to bond with your team.

What is your chapter or association doing this summer to keep communication flowing and help with team building? Whatever it is, be sure to share it on social media using #SummerofDECA, and tag @DECAInc on Twitter and Instagram!

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