6 Ways to Create a Memorable DECA Officer Camp This Summer

Cassidy Cooper | Eau Claire Memorial DECA
Photo courtesy of @ecm.deca on Instagram.

In order to start out your next DECA chapter’s season on a great note, it’s important that your officer team goes into the year with a plan.

Communication, planning and teamwork are all key aspects of a successful officer team. DECA officer camp is the perfect way to get your team on the same page before the school year starts up.

Want to plan your own DECA officer camp during your #SummerofDECA? Here are a few steps to help you get started:

1. Location/Time

Picking the perfect location is important to hosting a successful DECA officer camp. Evaluate your team and pick a location that will work best for each person’s needs. Whether it’s an overnight retreat, a day spent in the classroom, a trip out of town, or a meeting at a local coffee shop—choose the location where your team can achieve the most.

Also, you need to choose a date and time that fits into everyone’s agendas, and that each officer can commit a full day (or more!) to attend. Anytime in the summer works, however you may want to consider a follow-up meeting in August if you meet early in the summer.

2. Goal Setting

It is important to focus on setting goals at your officer camp. Have each officer develop goals for themselves, the officer team and the chapter as a whole. While setting goals, have each officer think about what the theme for the 2017-2018 season, “Limitless,” means to them.

3. Set a Calendar

Collaborating to get your DECA chapter calendar set up for the year is an important thing to achieve at DECA officer camp. While it does not have to include every single detail, it should provide a solid outline of the year to come. It should go beyond just officer and chapter meetings. Think about competitions/competition preparation and leadership conventions, as well as social and civic events for your chapter to participate in.

4. Team Building

Although planning for the coming year will require hard work, it is important for your officer team to have fun and connect with one another as well. This can be done in many ways—playing games, planning a whole separate day for fun (beach, amusement park, etc.), or simply collaborating on things (making a recruitment video).

5. Marketing Plan

Work together on what DECA has trained you for best—marketing! Create a marketing plan to recruit members for the 2017-2018 season. This can include anything from a recruitment video, a table set up during the first weeks of school, social media advertisements, flyers, or a beginning of the year event/informational meeting. Collaborate to think of ideas and decide what will appeal the most to prospective future DECA members.

6. Financial Plan

Budgeting for your DECA year is important to make sure everything runs smoothly. Think about how much you will need to invest into your school store, and how much you expect in return. Consider competition/travel fees and how those will be paid. Come up with fundraising plans for the year to raise money for both your DECA chapter and charities. Brainstorm a list of businesses that you could ask to sponsor your DECA chapter. Create an inclusive budget plan together that will become the responsibility of your business manager/treasurer to uphold and oversee throughout the year.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to start the new DECA year a confident and connected officer team.

This article was written by Eau Claire Memorial DECA Vice President of Social Media, Cassidy Cooper. You can follow Eau Claire Memorial DECA on Twitter @ecmdeca.

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