Do You Know Who You’re Actually Talking to On Social Media?

Remember the scene from 30 Rock when Jack (Alec Baldwin) goes to the bathroom and leaves his mic on?

As he is giving himself a pep talk before his speech, Jack is unknowingly broadcasting this pep talk to the audience he is about to address. When Jack is finally told his mic is, on he is obviously completely embarrassed.

This is social media.

If you think you are communicating with a small group of people, sharing mundane details of your life, or perhaps personal ones, your mic is on.

You, like Jack, are unaware of your audience. You aren’t posting to your co-worker, best friend or boyfriend; you are posting to your future college, employer, spouse, landlord and creditor.

Would Jack have sat in front of a mirror pumping himself up to address his colleagues if he knew they were listening? No, and neither should you!

Remember that your audience is bigger than the small group you are intending and take advantage of it!

If Jack would have known his mic was on, he might have shared a funny story, related a personal experience or maybe not said anything at all. Social media is a place to share you thoughts, passions, and ideas, just remember your mic is always on.

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This article was written by DECA National Advisory Board partner, Social Assurity. You can follow Social Assurity on Twitter @socialassurity, and learn more about their partnership with DECA here.

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