USABE Refines Its Focus to Impact the Future of Entreprneuerhship Education

Anyone wanting to advance entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, research, and practice are welcome in USASBE.  No longer are we choosing to be in the shadows of the Academy of Management, Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference, and similar organizations.

As USASBE looks to the future, the increasing demand for entrepreneurship in higher ed, and the needs of its members, we are now the only independent academic organization in the United States purely devoted to entrepreneurship education.

It’s hard to find a school throughout the U.S. and around the globe that does not have an established entrepreneurship education program or trying to build one.  As a result the demand for a community of learning and networking has never been greater.

USASBE today has a very clear message. We are now a community of:

  • Teachers sharing best practices but also challenging existing paradigms of how entrepreneurship should be taught, to whom, and to what ends.
  • Researchers moving the practice of entrepreneurship education forward and translating cutting-edge entrepreneurship research into teachable content.
  • Program directors and practitioners that complement and supplement classroom-based entrepreneurship education with practical immersion experiences in the broader entrepreneurship community.

Our annual conference architecture is also changing to reflect our new sense of community and focus on entrepreneurship education. We no longer have a call for papers! We now have a Call for Engagement!  The new conference structure is modern, relevant, simple and engaging – all to encourage greater value and innovation in submissions.

A few highlights…

  • The doctoral consortium is shifting its focus from a traditional doctoral consortium to one emphasizing teaching and learning entrepreneurship. We are preparing Ph.D. students to boldly teach entrepreneurship and engage in entrepreneurship education scholarship.
  • Only three submission tracks:
    • The Teaching Track for demonstrating experiential approaches, case studies, and even presenting new ideas that you have but haven’t moved the needle yet and need help!
    • The Research Track for evidence-based work to advance our understanding of teaching and learning entrepreneurship.
    • The Programming Track to share best practice in program creating, building, and management. We want to hear about running centers, incubators, accelerators, competitions, maker spaces, training programs and anything else related to entrepreneurship education outside of the classroom.
  • What is most cool and unique is that within each of the tracks above there is room for members to submit classroom ideas that they want help developing, new research projects that they want feedback on, and programming challenges that they want others to help solve. USASBE Nation will leverage the wisdom of the crowd at the conference!

We welcome you to the new USASBE and hope to see you at the conference in Hollywood, Calif., January 10-14, 2018.

This article was written by the President of USASBE and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College, Heidi M. Neck, Ph.D. You can learn more about USASBE here, and follow USASBE on Twitter @USASBE.

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