Nominations for DECA’s School-based Enterprise Advisory Council Now Being Accepted

DECA is now accepting nominations for School-based Enterprises (SBE) Advisory Councilmembers.

The DECA SBE Advisory Council plays an integral part in the planning and development of DECA’s School-based Enterprise programming.

The SBE Council is responsible for guiding the program in a positive direction, setting goals for growth and development, and ensuring DECA members receive the most beneficial experience possible. Councilmembers are dedicated advisors that have experience with DECA and the SBE program, understand the value in experience-based learning, and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with the DECA community.

Councilmembers serve two-year terms on the council. This year there are two available slots opening on the council that will cover the 2017-2019 term beginning in June 2017. Candidates for the available slots on the council must be nominated by their Chartered Association Advisor.

Our ongoing goal for the council is to have fully engaged, committed councilmembers that can provide meaningful contributions to the SBE program for the duration of their term. Candidates must be willing and able to commit to all the following:

  • Participate in SBE Advisory Council Virtual Meetings, tentatively scheduled for June and participate in ongoing conversations related to improving the SBE program.
    • Tentative meeting schedule:
      • June
      • October
      • January
    • Areas of Focus:
      • Update/Develop resources to start/manage an SBE
      • Update/Develop resources to highlight the benefit of an SBE
      • Instructional units
      • Certification programs (chapter and individual)
    • Lead or participate in DECA SBE professional development activities including webinars, Google+ hangouts, workshop presentations, contributions to, and other opportunities as they arise.
    • Participate in the development and/or review of resources, such as articles for DECA Direct, instructional materials, etc., related to the SBE program.
    • Participate in the planning and implementation of the SBE Academy held each spring at the International Career Development Conference. SBE Councilmembers will be assigned advisor assignments as it relates to the SBE Academy. 

Please ensure the advisor meets all the following mandatory prerequisites:

  • Active DECA advisor
  • Operator of a Gold Certified School-based Enterprise

Additional traits and qualifications that should be considered when nominating advisors include:

  • Highly motivated to enhance student learning through DECA and SBE
  • Interest in “thinking outside the box” – willing to take on challenges to improve upon existing programs
  • Ability to engage with other advisors, administrators, and school board members
  • Passionate about DECA and SBE

Nominations must be submitted no later than June 2, 2017. Please contact your association advisor if you are interested in serving on DECA’s School-Based Enterprise Council.

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