How to Use Your Internship Experience in Your Competitions

With over 15,000 competitors in Collegiate DECA, it’s hard to stand out.

Have you ever wondered what resources can be utilized when competing in Collegiate DECA to help give you the advantage of being unique?

Collegiate DECA allows you to use both in the classroom learning, as well as outside of the classroom learning to your benefit when competing. Past internships can be used as an “out of the classroom” experience, as they are a key point in developing our future leaders in industries.

I remember when I completed my first internship with Kohl’s Department Store and the knowledge I learned went hand-in-hand with my classroom learning.

Internships are a way to learn about a company and give you valuable knowledge for when you are in the workforce.

For now, you can use this useful information when competing next year at #DECAinDC!

Having examples to refer to allows you to go above and beyond in your role-play or case competition. Referencing these experiences you had allows you to expand upon the overall presentation to your judge. I competed in Human Resource Management this past year and referencing the knowledge I learned through my previous internships really helped to differentiate my presentation from the other competitiors’.

When competing, just remember these key steps to add internships into your presentation:

  • Analyze – Analyze what the case is asking you and as you read it you may find it similar to a situation you had during your internship.
  • Adapt – Adapt your presentation to what the case is asking you and add past internship experiences into your presentation. It will allow you to go more in depth in what you are presenting to the judges.
  • Apply – Apply your knowledge and your communication skills together to #OwnYourFuture to an outstanding presentation.

So next time you are competing, don’t forget about using your internship experiences to allow you to have #Limitless opportunities!

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