Did You Love #CDECAICDC? Then Get Ready for ENGAGE!

As the dawn of the summer begins to glisten our minds, many of us in Collegiate DECA are still recovering from the excitement of the 2017 International Career Development Conference, and are eager to put aside our busy school work.

Yet, in the back of our minds, we are concerned about what lies next in our careers.

For many of us in college, we invest our time in what we value. At this point in our careers, we are actively seeking opportunities that will help lead us to our career paths. That’s why many of us join Collegiate DECA. However, jammed with the responsibilities of life, we find it hard to connect to our dream profession.

That’s why Collegiate DECA offers the ENGAGE conference.

ENGAGE, formerly known as Collegiate Leadership Academy (CLA), is a three-day career intensive conference in New York City this November, designed to engage (pun intended) students in conversations with their prospective career path.

Now ENGAGE isn’t just your average DECA conference. ENGAGE is designed to be immersive and experiential. At the conference, you are paired with a group and given a case study based on a specific career track such as fashion merchandising and retail management, hospitality and culinary arts, international business and finance, or sports and entertainment marketing.

The case studies are based on actual scenarios created by DECA’s NAB partners. As a team, you will visit the company that the case study is based on in NYC, and have an opportunity to look behind the scenes at some of our major NAB partner’s offices.

Later, your team will develop a solution to the case study, and present it to the leaders of the actual company. This experience, will allow you to meet, and gain knowledge by our NAB partners, while further enhancing your network.

Now, ENGAGE might seem too far out at this point, but if you start planning now, this experience can be very valuable to yourself and your members. The conference will be held at Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, right in the heart of Manhattan, from November 9-11, 2017.

If you have any more questions on ENGAGE, visit deca.org/engage, and talk with your executive officers on how you and your team can get to NYC.

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