3 Ways to Cope with the Post #DECAICDC Blues

Photo courtesy of @amyzhangg on Instagram.

The event we wait for all year long is over, and many DECA members might be struggling with what to do now.

Here are three foul-proof ways to combat your post-#DECAICDC blues and get excited for all the new things coming up!

1. DECA Swag

Take a look back at all of the amazing items you brought back from California! Show it off to all of your friends, and don’t forget to keep your pins in a special place so they can be traded next year!

2. DECA Throwbacks

Tag DECA Inc in your photos and use #DECAICDC to share your photos and favorite moments from the conference with others! This is a great way to stay connected with friends from all across the DECA world before next year’s #DECAICDC.

3. Look Forward to Future Conferences

Next year, #DECAICDC will be held in Atlanta, Ga.! Don’t dwell on the past; get ready for Atlanta and DECA’s other conferences by practicing your role-plays over the #SummerofDECA.

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