3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Your #DECAICDC Experience Into Your LinkedIn Profile

With the 2017 DECA International Career Development Conference done and the school year coming to an end, make sure you do not lose the valuable lessons and people you gained throughout your time in DECA or in Anaheim!

Here are some way to use LinkedIn to share the #Limitless opportunities of DECA and #DECAICDC.

1. Post About Your Experience

Take a moment and write down some amazing moments from ICDC. Share with your connection the lessons you gained and the experience you had.

2. Connect with New Friends

Make sure to find your new friends on LinkedIn and connect with them. Keeping these contact will help you further in life.

3. Add to Your Profile

Add the event you competed in and how far you got to your profile. If you didn’t compete, you can also add the academy you attended and some valuable skills you gained from your experience.

Bonus: Out of all the amazing pictures with the large DECA Diamond I’ll bet there is a great new profile picture waiting to be used!

Don’t forget to also join the DECA Inc. LinkedIn Group to continue connecting and engaging with DECA members, alumni and corporate parnters! Join the group today here.

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