The Limitless Ways to Stay Connected with DECA During the Summer

Photo courtesy of @WI_DECA on Twitter.

The 2017 DECA International Career Development Conference was one for the books. The sights seen, the friendships made and the memories forged will never be forgotten.

With so much happiness and excitement crammed into those four days, some of you might be experience something we call, “Post-ICDC Depression.”

Now, many DECA members might be worried about how they will be able to cope and get through the entire summer without DECA!

Well the good news is, I have a solution for you – actually a few solutions, but who’s counting!

1. #SummerofDECA

Ahh the classic #SummerofDECA photo contest, when every student tries to one-up the next with their pictures of them tossing up the DECA diamond in beautiful places. This is the most unique and fun activities DECA members can partake in during the summer. I encourage all of you to take some pictures this summer with your DECA gear and the DECA diamond and post it on social media using #SummerofDECA so that we can spread DECA all over the world, while having some fun!

2. Friends, Friends, Friends

We’ve all heard it a million times, but DECA friends are the best friends. The friendships you make within the DECA world are so strong and will last a lifetime. Make sure you do not say goodbye to those amazing people you have connected with this past year just because school is over- stay connected! Whether it is Google Hangouts, social media or the classic snail mail, stay in contact with them so that it feels like DECA never ended!

3. Get Working

You probably read this heading and thought – it’s the summer, I’m not working. Well, if you start writing your manuals, practicing those role-plays, and taking some practice tests, you will have a big advantage over your competitors for next year. I’m not saying don’t enjoy your summer, but I want to see you up on that stage in Atlanta, so get to work now and it will all pay off in the long run!

4. Team Building

Even though this DECA year just ended and school is still in session, next year will come sooner than you think. To make sure you come back stronger and smarter next year, use the summer to bond with your team- whether that is your chapter, fellow officers, or just DECA friends. Team building can be as simple as going out to ice cream or as intense as adventure courses; whatever works for you and benefits your team the most, do it and have fun!

5. Follow DECA

DECA doesn’t stop in the summer, and neither should you! Keep reading for the latest announcements, best practices and social media correspondent articles. You can even submit your own articles and stories during the summertime too! Don’t forget to also follow also DECA on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (decainc) all summer long so you stay in-the-know.

The DECA year may be coming to an end, but there are #Limitless ways to stay connected with DECA this summer. Enjoy the warm weather, catch up with friends, make some memories and prepare for one heck of a year next fall.

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