Over $10 Million in Scholarships, Tuition and Prizes Awarded at #DECAICDC

Providing students with opportunities to achieve their academic and professional dreams is what DECA is all about.

DECA’s Scholarship Program, college partners and competition sponsors play an important part in achieving this goal.

This year, over 14,000 students applied for some 300 available scholarships. Thanks to the generous support of our partners, DECA members received nearly $300,000 to applied toward tuition at the college of their choice.

Our sponsors also provide nearly $200,000 in prizes that can be applied to our members’ college and career pursuits. In addition, DECA’s college and university partners provide DECA members tuition credits in excess of $10 million annually.

While the cost of higher education continues to rise – seemingly out of reach for some – the value remains constant. Many studies indicate that earning a bachelor’s degree adds in excess of $1 million dollars in earnings over the graduate’s lifetime. DECA’s scholarship and competitive event sponsors and college and university partners are proud to make that opportunity even slightly more attainable for hundreds of students every year.

As a special recognition and congratulations, DECA’s scholarship recipients are recognized by their scholarship sponsor(s) at a reception prior to the Grand Awards Session at DECA’s International Career Development Conference (#DECAICDC). Scholarship recipients are also recognized on stage with their scholarship sponsor(s) during the #DECAICDC Grand Awards Session.

DECA is delighted to have so many parents and advisors join us for this event. While their DECA scholarship plays a role in helping our members see and go a little farther, we know that it’s your constant guidance and support that has truly gotten them to this point and will see them through to the realization of their dreams.

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