3 Unique Projects at #DECAICDC You Need to Check Out

One of the best parts of #DECAICDC is being surrounded by some of the best and brightest minds. Our fellow DECA members are so forward thinking and intuitive.

This is shown by some of the written projects that were presented at ICDC. Here are three noteworthy projects.

Myers Park High School DECA, North Carolina – Buying and Merchandising Operations (BMOR)

Claire Mccall, Anne Koloski, and Ben Poole of Myers Park High School in North Carolina saw a need to provide better marketing and promotion to one of their favorite local businesses.

Sunflour Baking Company has been a local favorite for Claire, Anne, and Ben. However, many of their classmates had never heard about Sunflour. Their project stems from generating awareness for this local bakery. They had eight activities with a goal for each along with the estimated cost. With their passion for Sunflour and the opportunities provided with DECA and their CTE courses, Clair, Anne, and Ben successfully increased Sunflour’s marketing reach.

Milford DECA, Michigan – Advertising Campaign  (ADC)

Jessica Niemiec knew she wanted to do something unique with her advertising campaign. After going through many different options, she found the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a non-for profit. Adoption is close to Jessica’s heart as she is adopted herself. She knew being passionate and real about her project is the key to being successful.

“When it’s real it makes more of an impact,” she said.

Along with being personally connected to her project, Jessica connected with marketing executives to help her review aspects of her plan. This helped her gain an industry perspective of what does and doesn’t work for advertising campaigns. Her passionate attitude and dedicated work ethic provided the perfect opportunity to create a lasting impression through her advertising campaign.

Leavenworth DECA, Kansas – Public Relations Project (PRP)

Summer McCowen and Gyun Jung come from a very diverse area. With a military command college in their community, there are many international officers who participate in this program. Gyun’s father is one of these international officers. With Gyun’s personal experience as an international student and Summer’s growing up in a military family, Gyun and Summer headed a campaign to promote diversity and acceptance in their community.

The #EmbraceCulture campaign included social media interactions, mass print media, and culminated in the International Festival. This event allowed members of their community to  showcase their international culture and/or roots with interactive booths and entertainment. The observation of a need and the creation of a campaign to promote diversity successfully fostered a community spirit acceptance in their area.

This article was written by An@heimLive Social Media Team member Lena Kellogg. You can follow Lena on Twitter @lena_kellogg.

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