2017-2018 DECA Inc. Executive Officer Team

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 DECA Inc. Executive Officer Team.

President – Jaron May

Jaron May, Massachusetts DECA Association Officer, is a two-year DECA member from King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, Mass. Jaron has found a place for himself and met some of his best friends in DECA. He now wants to share his experiences and impact other students’ lives.

Serving as an association officer, Jaron recruited countless new chapters and helped the state membership grow to an all-time high. He also increased and improved their state-wide non-competitive events.

Jaron’s favorite part of DECA is networking and meeting with new people. He has attended DECA’s Ultimate Power Trip as well as the International Career Development Conference to compete and serve as a voting delegate. He is excited for the future and to see what it has in store.

Central Region Vice President -Leah Hoffman

Born and raised in Illinois, Leah is a junior at Belvidere North, where she first experienced the impact that DECA can have on students. The energy brought by DECA members introduced Leah to a community of people that share similar goals and values as her, pushing her to be a better, more involved individual.

On weekends, Leah can be found at debate tournaments or volunteering for the Boone County Drug Prevention Coalition. Leah also participates in numerous honor societies and school organizations such as student council, National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and National Spanish Honor Society. She hopes to leave an impact through studying political science to advocate for international human rights, one of the main reasons she decided to become fluent in Spanish.

Leah has been a DECA member since freshman year, serving as the Vice President of Competition for her chapter her sophomore year and Illinois DECA’s Vice President of Public Relations her junior year. Leah took Illinois DECA to new heights by introducing a new program called Access to Experts to help members connect with professionals in their chosen fields. Leah has been inspired by the experiences offered and the lessons taught everyday by being a pa1t of the DECA community. Leah is ecstatic to call herself a believer in the DECA experience.

North Atlantic Region Vice President – Mason Maverick Smith

Mason Maverick Smith, a strong DECA advocate, has proudly represented Delaware Career Technical Student Organizations for seven years and has aspired to be an executive officer since the age of 12.

Mason is a proud three-year DECA advocate, officer and member with experience, knowledge and a love for DECA. Mason has placed first and second in Human Resource Management, and first in Business Law and Ethics at his state level. He has taken every opportunity he has been awarded in DECA, including travelling to places like D.C, Tennessee, and Florida.

Mason has abundant leadership experience serving as his state Vice President, chapter president, chapter fundraising manager and chapter marketing manager. Mason is a huge DECA advocate and has exceeded records in Delaware with the help of his team. He also has a strong passion for volunteering and he serves as a committee member for a walk raising over $300,000 every year. Mason hopes to use his leadership skills and networking he learned in DECA to pursue a degree in business management.

Southern Region Vice President – Marjorie Sproul

Marjorie was born and raised in the Dallas area and will be graduating high school from New Tech High @ Coppell. In her sophomore year, Marjorie was the founding president of the DECA chapter at New Tech High.

In its first year, the chapter grew to over 60 members, qualified all 14 members who competed in district to state and qualified three members to compete at ICDC. At ICDC, Marjorie and her partner advanced to finals in Hospitality Service Team Decision Making. In the same year, Marjorie was elected as the Vice President of Texas DECA District 11. After a year serving at the district level Marjorie was voted into the 2016-2017 state action team for Texas DECA.

Outside of DECA Marjorie enjoys giving back to several community partners including Stand for the Silent, City House and The Actors Conservatory Theatre. Marjorie feels DECA has inspired her to work her hardest, be her best and always look for ways to improve. Marjorie plans on attending Johnson and Wales University in the fall and majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing.

Western Region Vice President – Hayley Haas

Over the last three years, Hayley has served at the chapter and association levels, as both President and Teaching Assistant for Davidson Academy DECA, and as the 2016-2017 Vice President of Northern Nevada.

She has both qualified for and attended ICDC since her first year in DECA, fulfilling her duties as an association officer as well as competing to become an international finalist.

Through DECA, Hayley has created so many opportunities and connections, and aims to inspire other members to do the same, giving back to DECA what it has given to her.

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