Celebrating ICDC Together as #OneDECA

On Wednesday, April 26, nearly 20,000 DECA members, advisors, business partners and volunteers will come together in Anaheim, Calif., for the largest-ever DECA International Career Development Conference.

This conference is the perfect opportunity for each attendee to show his or her uniqueness and value the diversity of our DECA membership, while coming together to celebrate as #OneDECA.

While we will have two Grand Opening Sessions this year, the spirit of enthusiasm, diversity and celebration will abound at each of the sessions. The sessions will acclaim this year’s theme, Own Your Future, as well as a message of unity – coming together as #OneDECA to support our organization’s mission, to celebrate our personal strengths, to appreciate the diversity that each of our members represents, and to signify a strong organization that members want to be part of.

From the show opener which carries the message that ICDC is where relationships are empowered, where leaders emerge, where excellence abounds, where champions thrive, and where DECA comes together, the session’s message will discuss unity at various points. As an organization that has such a diverse membership, we must recognize the importance of being inclusive.

We ask all members, advisors and #DECAICDC attendees to please reinforce the idea that we are #OneDECA, and the organization is collectively represented by our unique membership. Please encourage positive and professional behavior throughout the conference, both in person and on social media. For more information on DECA’s conference social media policy, please follow this link.

Together, we can continue to unify this great organization and truly be #OneDECA!

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