Collegiate DECA Thanks Friends & Alumni for Supporting DECA’s Annual Giving Campaign

During the Grand Awards Session of the 2017 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, Calif., 82 individuals were recognized for their support of DECA’s Annual Giving Campaign, Connect Where You Are.

Thank you to the following donors:

DECA Diamond Society $1,000+

  • David & Marsha Bock
  • Nick Edwards
  • Michael Garrett
  • D. Gidley
  • Kate Hughes
  • Ron Joyner
  • Daniel Kelly
  • Pamela & Colin O’Brien
  • The Oshay Family
  • Thomas Schillar
  • Jodi Stamey
  • Paul & Anne Wardinski

DECA ICDC Circle $500 – $999

  • David & Brenda Clark
  • Jeff Collins
  • John Fistolera
  • David Gass
  • Diane Pruner
  • Philip Scheel
  • Jeannette Siegel
  • The Harker School DECA
  • Ryan Witzig 

DECA Chartered Association Circle $250 – $499

  • Cindy Allen
  • Mike Brown
  • Kyle Burns
  • Heather Carter
  • Nicole Coffey
  • Kenneth DiSaia
  • Frank & Anne Farrell
  • Brian Fincher
  • Bill Hembree
  • Ginger Hill
  • Susan Lewin
  • Hilda and Terri Martin
  • Pam McKenney
  • Alex Mellott
  • Michael Mount
  • Valeria Rodriguez
  • Stephanie Sandstrom
  • Joshua Shankle
  • Tracey Smith
  • Ryan Underwood
  • Kathy Walton
  • Christopher Young

DECA Chapter Circle $100 – $249

  • Shannon Aaron
  • Delores Ali
  • Geoffrey Basye
  • Elizabeth Booker
  • Patrick Cheney
  • Lisa & Tia Delampan
  • Danielle Drapeau
  • Drake University Collegiate DECA
  • Thomas Fitzpatrick IV
  • Richard Forde
  • Cara Gooch
  • Barbara Henn
  • Thomas Hill
  • Johnnie Hubbard III
  • Brittany Keating
  • Vicki Lamproe
  • Rick Lee
  • Sarah Levine
  • Marc Liebman
  • Sissy Long
  • Alexander Louden
  • Chris McCoy
  • Greg Murphy
  • Laura Perry
  • Mike Pham
  • Kevin Reisenauer
  • Laura Salpietra
  • Matthew Smith
  • Judson Stafford
  • Mary Swantek
  • Timothy Todd
  • Caren Voeller

DECA’s Connect Where You Are campaign asked alumni, family and friends to connect where they are in their education, careers and philanthropically to DECA.

In addition to the 82 individuals recognized during the 2017 Collegiate DECA ICDC, thousands of former members reached out through LinkedIn and other social media sites looking for opportunities to connect with local chapters in the communities where they now live, volunteered as judges and mentors at state conferences and ICDCs and made gifts to DECA. DECA would like to thank all of our friends and alumni who connected this year.

Make sure you Connect Where You Are through one of the many opportunities that remain this year, such as joining DECA’s LinkedIn Group, reconnecting your group of alumni and friends with DECA, and making a small annual gift.

For more information on the Connect Where You Are campaign, visit the DECA website or contact Nick Edwards.

Follow DECA on Twitter @DECAInc.

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