The Hospitality Career Path You Didn’t Know About

The common image that comes to mind when you think of hospitality is hotels, restaurants and the like. However, there is a growing industry offering numerous benefits that still encompasses the same core values as the hospitality field: residential property management (RPM).

At the Hospitality & Tourism Professional Development Academy at the 2017 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference, the topic of RPM was discussed and its positioning amongst other hospitality careers.

#CDECAICDC attendees were fortunate enough to hear form three industry leaders in this field:

Benefits of a Career in RPM

Managing a property has similarities to managing a small business. It offers many possibilities for career development and lifelong learning. As the demand for rental housing grows, so does the need for passionate individuals to help build strong communities.

Schedules tend to be less demanding than working in a hotel and additionally, there is the opportunity for reduced rent and tuition reimbursement!

Individuals who are interested in hospitality and have a customer service mindset, salesmanship skills, and a desire to work with others should consider RPM as a possible career path!

Equity Residential, a business within the field, offers summer internships across the U.S to experience RPM.

Visit to stay connected and learn more about the opportunities!

This article was written by #CDECAICDC Social Media Team member, Michelle Le. You can follow Michelle on Twitter @ThatsSoChelley.

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