How to Find a Successful Career You Love

Mike Sins, Director of Special Events for Men’s Wearhouse, volunteered a great portion of his time today to come speak to Collegiate DECA students on some helpful hints and tricks on choosing a career in the industry that is most suitable and enjoyable to them.

He started off his lecture by first discussing his own journey through Men’s Wearhouse corporate ladder. What started as an educational pursuit of an architectural degree, ended with a small company grown into a revenue of $4 billion dollars. He took a risk and stepped into a world he was not too educated on, but it panned well for him in the end.

Many Collegiate DECA student wanted the “insider secrets” to how they can really make an impression in an interview with potential employers. His best advice was to make sure a student goes into a field in which they are passionate, or at least very much care about.

Mike Sins is a self-proclaimed “people person,” therefore for him it was a really easy transitions from studying architecture to selling suits to people.

When asked how a candidate for a position can differentiate themselves, Mike suggested asking “Where will you see me in five years?” This lets the employer know that the interviewee is looking for a long term position, or is at least pretty serious about the position with the company.

“Well just do the job for six months and then we will write the job description.”

This is what Mike Sins boss told him when he promoted him to District Manager. Mike used this quote to describe how sometimes people don’t know where they are going, or how they are getting there, but to just go with it.

Since he just went with it he was able to do business his way, and he ended up doing the same thing when he was promoted to Regional Manager.

Overall Mike Sins gave great advice on how students need to pursue their careers their way, whether they take a year to travel, or gain various employment opportunities, they need to need to figure out their path their own way.

This article was written by #CDECAICDC Social Media Team member, Samantha Paul. You can follow Samantha on Twitter @WhatDoesSamiSay.

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